The Advantages of a Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal separation is quite dissimilar from divorce; in that, a legal separation formally signifies the end of your existing marriage. With a divorce, you’re free to live your life as a single individual, moving forward with no ties to your partner and no children, should you choose to at any time. With separation, there’s still no such freedom. With a legal separation, you and your partner may be able to stay together legally, but there is no guarantee that your relationship will continue to thrive. Separation can be emotionally draining and financially disruptive to a lot of people, so it’s important to get professional help if you think that you might require one. A lawyer can provide you with the kind of legal guidance you need to make sure that your separation goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s never easy to separate from your partner, and some couples go through it more than once. With a legal separation agreement, you can walk away from your existing relationship with no ill effects on your children, your home, or your finances. A legal separation lawyer can walk you through everything from getting a separation agreement drafted and filed, all the way to having it executed in a court of law. In the long run, having a legal expert by your side working with you is well worth the effort.

If you and your partner are no longer able to meet and have an honest discussion about your relationship the two of you can work through your issues together without having to resort to litigation. Many couples decide to separate legally because they don’t want to deal with the hassle and uncertainty that come along with a divorce. In many cases, the problems can be alleviated by working through them together without involving the court system. Having a legal separation lawyer on your side ensures that your issues are settled between you and your partner rather than in the court system where you may have to answer uncomfortable questions about why you want to separate or how the marriage ended.

Some couples decide to separate legally because they disagree on certain things or are unable to resolve their differences professionally. In these cases, a legal separation lawyer is invaluable. He or she can mediate the differences between the two partners so that both parties feel comfortable that they have reached an understanding. In some cases, couples who aren’t ready to end their marriages may file for divorce, but they would most likely do so in a court of law instead of through the use of a separation agreement or other informal means, which means they’d be getting divorced in a legal setting, which means having to pay for a lawyer representation, making a will, and possibly undergoing an extensive investigation before a final decision is made.

A legal separation attorney can also help a couple legally separate from one another if one or both of them decide that they want to get remarried. In these cases, the two people may not want to go through the rigors of a wedding, and they may choose to dissolve their current marriage instead. Again, since this is a legal matter, it would be wise for the couple to consult with a professional who can help them draw up a simple separation agreement or marital property agreement, so that they are sure ahead of time what will happen should the need arise. A legal separation lawyer can also advise them about the details regarding a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement should either or both of them decide to marry again after their divorce.

Separation is never an easy process. It can be stressful, expensive, and confusing to many, especially if there are children involved. However, if both people involved in a relationship could agree to dissolve their marriage rather than go through a potentially long and costly legal process involving traditional divorce, it would be better to try to stay together and avoid the expensive fees that would come with legal separation. Consulting a professional legal separation lawyer would be advisable for any couple who wants to separate without putting their finances at risk or sacrificing their children’s custody and protection.

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